When I started this platform, I never thought I would be able to help as many people as I have in less than a year. I started Beyond Sanity Publishing to help, guide and promote writers from Pakistan and from around the globe.

I am very proud of what I have accomplished.

Today, Beyond Sanity Publishing has launched it’s first publication, “The Youth Of Pakistan” by Hafiza Noor.ul. Ain. She is an emerging writer from Pakistan this book is her debut book.

“The Youth Of Pakistan” circles around the social, Political, Religious and Economical issues and practices in Pakistan. It focuses on the positive aspects new ways to look at Pakistan.

This book, represents the youth of Pakistan and their power to change the society of this country. Beyond Sanity Publishing will be giving 10 Ebooks and 5 signed paperback copies in return for a review and recommendation. Interested readers and writers should contact: irumzahraofficial@gmail.com

Here is the Link to buy ‘The Youth Of Pakistan’ By Hafiza Noor.ul. Ain on Amazon:

The Youth Of Pakistan

Here is where you can buy it on Kindle:

Get The Youth Of Pakistan On Kindle


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