The Woman Who Gave Me A New Life

Posted: October 14, 2015 in Blog Posts, Short Stories
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It does not hurt any more. Sitting in my home, rocking my chair I feel nostalgic. The past still haunts … no matter how busy I make myself, how much I try to run away from it but my every move is rendered futile by the #memories. Funny, isn’t it that you put everything at stake for a person who you have known for just few months, how you just try to win his attention, make some place for you in his heart, try to be the reason of his smile, how you just miss your classes just to be with him, how you risk your grades just to treasure some memories, how you deny everyone for him, how anxiously you keep looking at your cell phone, hoping to see the words ‘My Love Calling’. How hurriedly you pounce at your mobile when the screen flickers “New Text message”. How you lay awake all night dreaming with open eyes and hoping for a brighter future, How you wake up at 3am just to drop a text to him ‘Good Morning, May Your Day be Filled With Smiles’ while your day starts and ends in ruins, in pains, in tears! How you stare at the empty walls with your red insomniac eyes, how you get lost in your thoughts sitting idle, how your heart quenches when you see a happy couple stroll by you, how every raindrop falling on your earth makes your hear quiver, how every ray of sunshine falling on the unpaved paths reminds you of those walks, how you saw your friend being stolen right in front of your eyes, how a third person came in between and everything changed …

All the love was bled in the sands of time, it kept dripping without me knowing, the pure vessel lost it’s transparency and it was the first crack which was the most difficult to handle, rest were like aftershocks, which just stabbed the heart and drained all emotions out of it, it felt like as if my soul is demented, I lost the meaning of life, the reason to live, the reason to smile, for me it was like such a huge trauma that made me more sensitive than ever, every action of his affected me, pierced me, hurt me and infact to be very precise killed me.

In this mad pursuit of so called love I was martyred million times a day. This torture went on for six months and in the end my soul died. I bid farewell to each and everything associated with him and locked all the memories in the darkest core of my heart and threw the keys in a deep abyss of oblivion, in a portal so vast that it is never to be found again. It’s inception, a dream within a dream but I left everything there … just like that!

You never care about addicts unless and until you become one, you never care about beggars unless and until you have been one, you never care about anyone unless and until you have walked a mile in their shoes once and I hereby testify that yes I was an addict, an addict of love who couldn’t live a day without talking to his beloved friend. Yes I was a beggar, a beggar of care and affection who asked nothing except the purity of attention. Yes I was him, I felt, experienced, judged, cared and love him more than myself. But alas …

You never know how it feels like depriving an addict from his drugs for six months and locking him all alone in this world with no one to hold his hand, no one to share his sorrows, no one to quench his thirst. I became wild, I became restless, I became something I never imagined. The thirst, lust, hunger and anger drove me to insanity. But the best thing about life is that it goes on, despite of all this, I found love in a hopeless place, I found solace in the arms of a women who always loved me and no matter how much I hated her, she loved me back! I screamed at her, I yelled at her, I hurt her but there she was, smiling and embracing me in her lap and I forgot everything! There I realized that love is priceless, you don’t have to run for it, you don’t have to crave for it, you don’t have to say it to someone that you love them, you just don’t have to do anything at all.

All you need to do is to relax and realize that how lucky you are! How blessed you are, how fortunate you are than those who lack it. That day that women taught me that. We didn’t spoke a single word, the tears from both sides said it all and it was utterly a scene worth seeing and a tale worth telling! Though the world has forgotten it and has mutilated the essence of that heavenly relation but today I owe my every breath to that woman, she is the reason I am in this world, she is the reason I am alive, she is the reason I am breathing, I am the reason of her smile, we play, we talk, we smile, we fight, we laugh and the world stands and stare.

Yes, it’s the same world which made me suffer million times, the same cruel world which played with my feelings, the same world but now I am wise for I have I have found my true love. My last love, my only Love and that Divine Love is called Mother’s Love.

Dated: 1st August 2013

S. Ommer Amer For Beyond Sanity Publishing


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