It was one appealing cold day of December. She was cleaning all the mess after meal while he sat on sofa with his leg one on another and smoking his cigar. He took a deep drag and exhaled it all in a go. He observed her while doing this. He had an eagle’s eye. He saw her moving to and fro. While she leaned down to pick the cleaning cloth that just fell on the floor; he could see her cleavage clearly. Watching her with all the attention aroused the man in him; the man of passion, love and the man who knew how to make it all to the woman. The man who was aware of what his woman needs also, the man that was merely aware of the sudden anxiety rising up in his flesh.
She now moved to the other side of the dining table and all he could see was her back. He changed the position of his legs and looked even more anxious. There was something that lit the fire in him. His body was reacting to every move made by her, to every step taken by her; there was something in the air;
A fuss? But what was the fuss about?
A fight? Between who and what?
He stood up and made his way straight to her with cigar in hands. He stood behind her and took a drag out of cigar, grabbed her from her waist and released the smoke on her neck. She dropped the cleaning cloth and moaned. He kissed her neck and slowly dropped her bottom down to her knees while kissing her back. He stood up again, took a drag and said;
‘Do you know what’s next?’
She nodded.
He put cigar in his mouth, unbuttoned his trouser, busted her against the table and went into her behind.
‘Ahh’, she moaned.
He pushed her against the table. He again took a drag and pushed her even harder against the table.
‘Darling!’ She yelled.
The windows crinkled with the wind and so did she.
He put his cigar in his mouth, grabbed her buttocks and started to constantly push her against love, anxiety and fuss. This time, it was a constant battle between his cigar and her. He took a drag and took another stroke in to her. Things now went out of his hands; he wanted to make it quicker though nobody knew what the haste was for? But he said;
‘Don’t worry, honey. I will make it fast.’
And she?
-She moaned.
He gave up on smoking and put his every effort to make it fast.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, they then had a winner that night and it wasn’t his cigar!

Khadija Samo for Beyond Sanity Publishing


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