“Who am I?”

is the first question that ever clicks the mind of a sensible young human being as the need to know the purpose of one’s existence. One can be then provided by all essential rudiments for logical reasoning from the history of one’s ancestors to sort out the question. On an individual level, everyone is equally interested in finding an answer to this and so are you and me. Every person has a specific individuality which is distinctive from everyone else. This difference in choice and thoughts defines the variations in life purposes and aims of people. But here, we are asking ourselves the question “who are we?” which definitely demands a more ‘plural’ approach.

The Youth Of Pakistan By Hafiza Noor-ul-Ain

Beyond Sanity Publishing

  1. Åli says:

    #Noor ! You’re seriously a wunderkind . You raise the standards of the spheres you’re involved in.

    Liked by 1 person

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