He suddenly woke up from sleep and found himself under the tree. He cleaned his eyes with the palm of his hands, terrified he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was the greenest tree he had ever seen. The air smelled like acid and blood. There was nothing except plain land as far as he could see. He slapped himself twice on the face to see if he was still dreaming.  It was the same tree he saw one day ago in dream where some one was calling his name. With tumbling hands he touched the stem of tree and all the hair on his body lifted like the gravity shifted.

He knew that there was something strange about tree. “Where am I ?” He asked to himself.  Completely confused and horrified he sat down in vain.  The voice echoed in his head again. The same voice he heard in his dream. He thought if he could recognize the voice then maybe he figure out what was happening with him. Sitting there, tired he lay down on ground. The sky was clean. There were no sign of sun or moon. There was just light. The light of hopelessness illuminating the horizon.  He cursed his fate. He cursed the voice in his dream. ‘Are people searching for him?’ He thought, they must be looking for him in different places. But I am not there. He wanted to shout at the top of his lungs that he was not anywhere they were looking for him.

He was trapped in a void.

No where to go. He thought about the voice again. Is this a punishment for what he did. What he did to her. Is this the price he was paying for his sins. Her beautiful face came into his mind. Does she know am here, trapped. Of course she know. She did this. Like always she is the one to blame. Shut-up, he said to himself and stand up. Once again he walked to the tree and looked at what was different about the tree. the tree was not so tall but is was spread widely. The leaves were one of a kind that he had never seen before.  Pure circle shaped leaves with five lines in them at angles like someone has drawn them using protector. While holding a leaf, examining it he plucked it. In an instant the plucked leaf turned into a dried one and its color changed to black. Stunned at what he just saw he couldn’t believe his eyes. He plucked another leaf and like before it changed into black dried leaf. What does that mean. Why are leaves drying so fast. This could mean one things or two. The tree was there for a reason. It was a way out. Yes, he thought to himself.  There were signs of hope on his face. He broke down an entire branch off tree and like before it dried. He cut off the little branches and leaves and gathered the wood to build a fire. He picked two stones and started building a fire. After a long time failing again and again he succeed in building a fire. He lay down near the fire and facing the sky. Now the sky was not clear. There were black clouds forming a circle and five lines inside the circle like the ones in leaves. This must be a message. They want to help me get out of here. But why was he here in first place. He thought about the voice again. Now he could clearly hear that it was her voice. She was saying something to him.

A message. 

A curse.

A hint.

It could be anything. He thought about the fight he had with her. He crushed her little heart with blames. Blaming her of horrible acts. Unknown to all the blames she stood silent but he was angry and didn’t stop. Like an arrow which is far away from the bow never to be reached again he blurt out words not knowing the consequences.  She was innocent. She didn’t have power to do anything so she stood silent. He finally knew the reason why he was here. Why he was trapped in nothingness.  Why he was hearing her voice. Ashamed of his doings he fell on his knees and asked for forgiveness.  He made a promise never to blame anyone and that he will always be sorry for what he did. He promised to himself that he will ask for forgiveness from her. That he was lost.

He lost his way and blamed her.

That he have learned his lesson.  That the voice of a innocent can move sky and ground. He was sorry for himself. A tear drop fell on the ground. Suddenly bright green light appeared on horizon like an aurora.  The clouds on the sky begin to move and there was a new sign there now. A triangle with a leaf in its center. What was it. What was happening.  Was he forgiven. Did she forgive him. He tried to make sense of the new sign on sky and he knew what he had to do. He broke three branches from tree and cut them to same length. He made a triangle on the ground with the help of branches and finally placed a leaf inside it.
He woke up from sleep and it was 8 in the morning. He touched his hand on his face. His bed, everywhere. He couldn’t believe where he was. He was on his bed in his room. Was it all just a dream or was he really there and after he realized his mistakes, he was forgiven and send back. He will never know.  Whatever the case was he was realized that in the heart of humans there live a divine force and we should never hurt anyone by words. He finally learned his lesson.

A lesson he will never forget.

Usman Zubair For Beyond Sanity Publishing

  1. Samina Fazal says:

    “blame game by men and consequent helplessness of women” that is true about many communities of the world.

    Liked by 1 person

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