As I stepped on the red carpet in my black Dior tux, heads started to turn. All the cameras facing other celebrities were now on me. All the fan girls behind the barriers started to scream as I walked down the red carpet for country’s biggest award ceremony. Everyone was looking with the look of awe as I got closer to the entrance, as I did the reporters rushed towards me and I got surrounded by a dozen of microphones gathered near my face, anxious to hear a word out of my mouth. A reporter finally got closer and said “Wake up Haris! Oh God why you gave me a lazy son?” it was a bit awkward for a while and then I opened my eyes and realized I was dreaming, again.

Mum continued “you’re simply useless! You wasted all your vacations sleeping all day and watching those   stupid movies all night, now get up and get me half kg yogurt.” Arguing with mum was useless so got up and made my way to the bathroom. while On my way back from market I made a promise to myself that when I’ll get famous I’ll get my mum a truck of yogurt and what a moment that will be when I’ll get famous, just a thought of it made me smile. all those people who make fun of me will burn with jeoulsy,they will run after me to get a selfie and that would be the time when the whole world would be mine, I flashed a smile as I entered home.

 Standing in front of the mirror, I took a look at my body from head to toe; I was not really tall, muscular or attractive. In the mirror I saw a short skinny guy who is 16 year old but is often mistaken as a 13 year old. But still my hopes were high, all my friends use to make fun of me for my obsession with being famous and my mum even declared it haram but it was my deepest desire to be on the front page of newspapers, be the headline of a news bulletins and be the talk of the town, what a life that would be!

 Everybody was gathered in front of the TV when I got in the lounge, mum and dad were sitting on the couch and my little sister was peeking through the window, hoping to see the crescent of Ramadan made my way to the couch and rested my head on the back of the couch and indulge into my world of daydream where I get to be the famous guy was half way through that suddenly my sister shouted and I shook out of my day dreaming.”I see it, mum it’s the moon! Its Ramadan tomorrow” she shouted in excitement. Mum said : “ Make a wish, that wish always gets granted”  I raised my hands, closed my eyes and started parrying “I wish I get famous, I dot care how I just want to be known ,I want to get talked about, please grant me this wish I would never ask for anything, Amen” as I opened my eyes I felt excitement down my spine , I had a good feeling in my gut that the almighty might grant me my wish flashed a smile while thinking about it.

  It was the second ashra of Ramadan, as I was walking down a street on my way back from the market absorbed in my thoughts thinking, thinking what I would say to people when they will admire me. Maybe thank you would work but it’s so mainstream oh how about not as beautiful as you can also work while lost somewhere in my thoughts, I didn’t realized I was alone in the street at 3 pm noon that suddenly a black van entered in the street about which I didn’t care much and continued flying in my world of fame that  van speeded up and stopped right behind me as I tried to turn around, suddenly two hand approached my mouth and before I could scream or should a napkin covered my mouth as I breathed in hardly, I smelled a pungent smell from the napkin and in that moment I realized what’s going on, I tried to fight it but in a few moments things got blurry and then I was out.

   I woke up in a dark room; I blinked my eyes hardly to make a shape out of the dark but in vain. After a few minutes I heard voices coming from around the room and then I realized I am not alone tried to think about the last thinking I remember and remembered the scene from the street and realized that me along with other kids in the room got abducted from streets. I tried to talk to those kids but they won’t reply in fear. After a long period of time a man came into the room and told us they won’t hurt us, they just want the government to accept their terms about something. Days followed by that were horrible but one day the men with masked faces came in started to grab us with collar and put us in a van, the van stopped at a vacant allay and they pushed us out and speeded away.

After a few moments police arrived along with all of our parents and media. I could hardly get up but the media surrounded us and put their micro phones on our faces, asking us about every bit of detail but I was so scared of all the hustle and bustle that not even a word made it out of my mouth. Cameras were flashing on our faces, everyone around tusked on our situation. Finally after an hour or two it was over, we made it to our home, the place I was dying to see. my family knew my condition so they were all acting normal as dad turn on the TV to watch the news, the first headline was the kids who got abducted, the newspaper that came next day had a big front page article on me, people all over the town made it to our place just to look at me and tusk. It was in that moment that I heard a eco in my hear “I wish I get famous I don’t care how…”I felt ashamed, someone from the inside said isn’t this what you always wanted? Why are you embarrassed now, you should be happy, you’re the talk of the town.

I realized that is the fault in our duas,we keep asking for the things we don’t even know are even good for us and when the Almighty tries to protect us by not granting us those wishing , we become ungrateful. Instead if we should start praying that “Ya Allah, grant me this if this is good for me else make in good for me”.

Mahnoor Tehsin For Beyond Sanity Publishing

  1. Samina Fazal says:

    Nice twist and lesson, though the beginning went in a mainstream manner but that twist changed my mind to give it ‘thumbs up’. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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