‘Why are we standing in the rain?’ her friend asked her a little agitatedly. She had nothing to say to it because she had no idea why they were standing in the rain. It was a beautiful day. The rain had washed the dust off the trees, making the greens and the browns extremely vivid. The sky was in a different mood, changing shades and never settling for one.

She kept walking under the umbrella that her friend was holding for both of them. She was doing so more for the comfort of her friend than for herself. The rain had never bothered her. She liked all the dirt and water. She wanted to be a part of it all, a drop of rain, a leaf of a tree soaked with raindrops, a small part of a cloud pregnant with water, ready to empty itself or a speck of soil waiting for someone to step over it.

His voice brought the usual mixed feeling that it always did. It was a mixture of lots of emotions varying greatly; a shade of pleasant happiness, a degree of unpleasant regret, an urgency to run far away from him along with a longing to stay rooted to the spot and an element of excited anticipation.

She turned to look at him. He was, as usual, babbling something about how badly someone had done something and how it could have been improved. This was the strangest thing, she thought. All her life she had been a supporter of ‘support the one who is doing it’ yet she knew perfectly well how this guy was. His whole attitude can be surmised as, “If you can’t beat them, criticize them”

Often, his critical remarks were true, but what is the point of trying o discredit people. She couldn’t like the people with this sort of behavior and yet she did. She knew he was a show off. All that he ever did was to try and impress people. Yet, between all his impressions were times when he was not impressive at all. Somehow, those were the moments; she fell in love with him.

She looked away from him. The easiest and the most difficult thing to do in the world, is to look away from someone. It is a decision of a moment. Either you do so in a second or you remain stuck there forever. Once you are stuck, no matter how much time you try to look away you remain stuck forever.

“Have you ever been trapped in a situation where you keep moving in circles, you move so much but never ever reach anywhere?” She asked her friend.

“Yes!” Her friend replied.

“What did you do then?” She asked.

“I opted out of the circle. Now I move in a labyrinth that shifts and changes, but I never find myself in the same spot twice”, said her friend.

“So, you just opt out of it. What if it is not a matter of choice? What if you are trapped?”

“My dear friend you are only as trapped as you think yourself to be”

She knew her friend had a point. She needed a labyrinth. She was walking away from him, planning to draw the most complex and difficult labyrinth around her. No more circles for her, she decided.

Both of the friends kept walking in the rain under the same umbrella. The road was beautiful, rising and falling like the body of a moving snake, moving away from a food that was not caught. It was a road moving away from its destination, instead of moving towards it. To move away from the destination is difficult, but even more unfortunate is doing so unknowingly. Yet, the most painful thing is to realize long after you have reached somewhere else that the place from where you started your journey was actually your destination. The start was the stop.

“But you are still lost, you know?” Her friend said.

“What?” She asked.

“In a labyrinth, you are lost”; her friend said, gazing at a building so far away that it looked like a dot.

“I choose to be lost than being stuck. Sometimes, you find in losing”. She replied back, not completely understanding her own thoughts.

They both kept walking, not knowing why they had been standing in the rain!

Iqra Aslam For Beyond Sanity Publishing

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