What Goes Around, Comes Around

Posted: July 27, 2015 in Blog Posts, Short Stories
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Under the ashen sky, Haider slowly walked as fiery blazes ignited inside his soul. For once, he was unable to control his anger and his despair. Fragmented and shattered pieces of his broken mind circulated inside his soul. His mind was astray, his thoughts liquefied and his emotions vaporized. Haider was kicked by the ungrateful scums of the society, he was ignored and his passions were named “useless!” Money and wealth, both having a tremendous value in society, were sadly, slightly shy from him. People said that it was because of his own errs; that he didn’t strive for it, didn’t absorb education and that kind of stuff but Haider believed that it wasn’t his fault that he was seeing these results; empty-handed, poor and nothing.

Just when the clock struck midnight, Haider silently entered his creaky home, only to find his weary mother with a sullen expression on her face. He knew that he was about to be bashed with her mother’s worried queries but unexpectedly that day, the only sentence he heard was,

Beta Haider! Where were you? You must be hungry, go have rest. I’ll bring some food for you.”

Haider grouchily replied with only a crude grunt and went inside. He lousily lied on the bed and in a few moments, was asleep. Her mother, finding out that Haider was sleeping, rested the tray on a nearby table and went outside.

Next day, at about dusk, Haider woke up with an evil plan in his mind, fire of revenge was burning in his heart, revenge from the cruel society. He quickly packed all of his belongings and was gone when the whole city was still sleeping, not knowing that the life of a man was about to change that day. Haider did leave a traditional note, but only for his mother so that she could know only that her son was gone.

The history of that family was about to change that very day.

Haider went to the outskirts of the town. There he found the man he was looking for, Jamal, he called himself. Haider could sense a grim look on his face but was suddenly too terrified to admit it. He knew what he had done. He knew into what kind of sinful abyss he had fallen into but there was no running from it now, there was no hiding because he had been trapped; forever!

From there, all the vices and crimes started. Jamal trained him to be a pro dacoit. As they were low on resources so they settled on street-crimes. Haider, silly as it may seem, always used to abide by Jamal’s commands. They used to rob once or twice on the same street and then leave the premises and move onto another street a couple of miles away. Both Haider and Jamal used to come on motorcycles with veiled faces. It wasn’t difficult to rob people. With a terrifying face like that, one was sure to hand over all his valuables and so, it continued just like this for two months. Then, one day, the tables just turned. It all just frighteningly and drastically changed that day. Haider, well he didn’t expect that!

It was just a routine night, thick fog make it easier to target the victim and the victim was just a poor, old, fully veiled women, in her 60s, standing by the bus-stop, desperately waiting for a cab to come. But it never was going to come.

“Ha! That silly grandma shouldn’t be able to see a meter ahead of her. She probably won’t be able to come after us!” snarled Haider as he eyed the woman.

They had been spying that woman for hours as she had went to a nearby ATM machine and withdraw a huge sum. The woman may have looked feeble but she sure bore a lot of money. Jamal accelerated his bike and Haider, who was on the backseat, got ready for the attack. As soon as they neared the woman, Haider lunged sideways and with one swift movement, he snatched her brimming purse from her, leaving her shocked.

“Help! Help! Thief!” The woman started wailing.

Unfortunately, in that little spur of time, an approaching policeman spotted their bike and out of nowhere, he started firing. The first bullet hit the tyres, crashing the path on one side. Haider knew that they had to reply so he started firing too. He fired a whole round of bullets and amidst that rain of metal, a metallic bullet came and whizzed past the woman’s skull. The woman thudded down in seconds. The policeman rushed to her aid, which made the gang flee.

Five Years Later:

“I have to go back, to mother, to little Layla and tell them that I’ll always be there for them. What bad if Abba left so soon? Of course, I am there for them now! I’m going to tell Jamal that it’s all over now. I am leaving and I won’t ever come back!” Thoughts raced through Haider’s mind as he settled on a decision.

A Week Later:

Knock! Knock! The creaky wooden doors rattled as a fist pounded on them.

“Who’s there?” From behind the door came a weak voice. Haider recognized it easily, it was Layla’s.

“It’s me Layla, Haider! Open up!” barked Haider.

The door was bashed open and then all the tears came thrashing down both of their cheeks. They couldn’t stop hugging each other. Layla, who was suddenly a grown-up, seemed all the same to Haider. They talked and talked, yet cried and cried, wanting to pull all the sorrows out.

When he asked of mother, Layla told her about how five years before, one foggy night, when mother went to withdraw her usual monthly pension, was attacked by a group of robbers and in between a clash of robbers and a policeman, mother got hit and died on the spot.

Hearing all this, Haider felt a sense of familiarity but suddenly, his heart skipped a throb when he realized the truth. He couldn’t believe it! In just a moment, it all came crashing down on him that he, he was her own mother’s killer. Actions, they just seem to be so reactive sometimes. One may think that it’s the fate that makes you make wrong decision but in reality it’s the actions. He thrust himself out of the door and was just gone; eternally! There wasn’t anything much blissful to come back for, so Haider just hid from the society, he chose to hide; forever!

Doom’s angel was happy that day, he had made a lone mother meet her troubled son and that’s all angel ever wanted. Haider, who probably could make his afterlife a bit more comforting, was eaten by the sorrows. Avenging his comforts was the only thing he could do but it was the only psychic extent, the only medium he had in sight. Had there been just a modicum of thankfulness in his life, all that he did would never have happened; never!

Zain Khan For Beyond Sanity Publishing


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