“Come.” he spoke in a small voice as he climbed up the stairs.

“Come.  Hold my hand.” he stopped and looked at her, forwarding his hand towards her. She looked at him for a second then slowly held his hand. He held it tightly and began climbing the wooden staircase. The stairs creaked as they moved. It was all dark around.

On reaching the top of stair case, he paused for a moment thinking hard and then turned to the left in the corridor. They didn’t speak for the next few minutes as they proceeded ahead. On reaching the end of the corridor he turned to his right and opened a door into the balcony. Fresh moon beams bathed everything. Their faces were illuminated. Sarah wearing grey long skirt with a long grey over coat and a muffler wrapped around her neck.

She looked beautiful even as the moon rays fell on her. Her white face glittering in light and her beautiful hazel green eyes sparkled. She was not smiling but there was a clear spread of peace all over her body. Dean holding her hand walked over to the bench along the wall beside the flower pots. She sat down, resting her one leg upon the other and putting her hands on her either side over the bench. Cold breeze blew, shrugging Dean pulled up the zip of his blue leather jacket and slipped his hands into the pockets of his black denim jeans. He stood with his arms resting on the wall with his back towards Sarah. She was sitting there with her eyes closed. As if she was trying to make the moon beams sink in her and to inhale in the peace. Dean looked towards the sky beautifully decorated with stars. It was like a constellation

in which they resided with flowers in their bloom and stars shining at their utmost and wind blowing the scent of euphoria and the hearts beating the symphony of love.

He turned his head and looked towards Sarah. He smiled at her as he saw her head rested on the bench and heard her small soft breaths. As the wind blew lightly, a flick of her golden brown hair came over her eyes. Automatically he walked towards her and gingerly cleared her forehead. She had fallen asleep in the beautiful night under the beautiful sky in the company of the most beautiful man in his life. Gazing at her for a while he sat down on the floor and gently took her hands in his own. The elegant aesthetic platinum band with tiffany and co craved on it was the promise he had made with her. The small diamond placed over the band glittered the lights of love and life. He brought the hand and placed it over his eyes. It felt so soothing and calm. He rested his head on her knees and with her hand over his eyes, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Frame. There were meadows and birds and there was crystal clear pool. Next frame. There was laughter and yells and giggles and winks.

Next frame. There were mountains and hills and snow and igloo and sleeping bags and snow man. And there were again laughter and angry faces and tears and hugs.

Next frame. There was a highway. And a limo and bryan adams songs and laughter.

Next frame. Coast of Hudson. Holding hands. Running and laughing… her voice calling his name. Running in water. Sand palace. Garlands.

Next frame. Dine in. candles and cake. Sweet symphony. Soft clapping. Wishes.

Next frame. Window. Rain. Two coffee mugs. Her head over his shoulder. His husky voiced songs.

He woke up with a jerk. Bewildered he looked around for the reason that made him wake up. He felt a sharp piercing pain in his temple. Gasping he clenched his teeth hard and held the side of his head with full strength. He was blinded with pain. He moaned and groaned as he rubbed his head hardly. Hastily he looked up to Sarah who was sleeping peacefully unaware of him. With a lot of exertion he stood up and dragged himself to the wall away from her. He didn’t want to wake her up. But his head pounding hard he choked and coughed. He felt something stinging his face, something hot rushing down his nose. Shakenly he lifted his hand and rubbed it. His hand shone brightly with blood. He closed his eyes. It was not the first time. He looked down to his jacket and saw drops of blood. Unzipping he took off it and placed it beside him. With his sleeves he rubbed his face and wiped the blood. His face twisted in agony and his eyes dimly opened. It was cold yet he was drenched with sweat. He rested his head on the wall and breathed heavily. His temple vein throbbing and his eyes burning. Finally gathering up some strength he stood up and walked towards Sarah. He staggered and sat down next to her. Putting his hand over her shoulder, he moved her gently taking her name in his husky voice.

“Wake up, honey. It’s getting cold.”

Sarah opened her beautiful hazel green eyes and sat up straight. She looked towards Dean. She stopped for a moment there was something wrong. She rubbed her eyes and opened them to look closely at what was wrong whilst her frontal vein prominently patterned over her forehead. Before she could aske dean anything he moved forward and kissed her forehead and took her hand. Standing up he turned towards her and spoke slowly.

“Come before the frames stop swapping. Come before the winds go wild and the omen howls at the moon. Come my love.”

Areesh Fatmee For Beyond Sanity Publishing


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