Have you ever put face between the pages and closed your eyes just because you want to feel the words close enough? Or have you ever laughed with the characters until your eyes watered? Or have you ever gasped and closed your eyes tightly with fear over something in the story? Or have you ever sobbed so hard and hugged the book tightly? Or have you walked and played and sat and cried and laughed and even died with the characters? Or have you ever fought with the characters just because you wanted them to do what you wanted? Or have you been just so angry with one of them that every dialogue by them seemed negative to you? Or have ever fallen in love with a character? Or have you ever tucked the book in a faraway dark corner of the room just because you fear the ending? Or have you ever been so engaged with the characters that you drank the hot coffee burning your lips without even realizing? Or have you ever gone through the same line many times because you wanted to feel the words again and again, you want to drink the poison again and again? Or have you ever gone through the words with strain because you could not get over the misery of the previous page? Or have you ever closed a book with a bookmark inside and never opened it again because you don’t want to end the story the way the writer did? Or have you ever slept with your head over the book and dreamt about the fantasies and regretted waking up the next morning? Or have you ever shrugged and tucked yourself inside a blanket because the words had a frosty effect over you? Or have you ever bathed in rain because you wanted to cry over the story you just read? Or have you ever talked about a story you read for hours and hours with a gloomy look over your face? Or have you ever laughed over yourself how you feel for the character? Or have you ever wished you never blamed the character when you finally realized it was a noble one? Or have you ever consulted with a character every time when you are worried? Or have you ever confessed something while reading about the same thing in a book? Or have you ever stayed up late at nights after completing the book just because you don’t want to leave the fantasy world? Or have you ever walked to someone you love and hugged them because that’s what the character did in the story? Or have you ever copied a sentence from the book in your diary because you want to stay it with you forever? Or have you ever looked into the rain drops because you want to visualize the story? Or have you ever listened a song while reading a book and every time later on when you listened to that song your mind filled with the chaos of that story? Or have you ever wished that you have someone who loves the same book with the same craze like you do? Or have you ever walked into a book shop ad felt like returning to home? Or have your ever ….well nothing.

 If you have ever done these things, you have a nobility inside you…love and sincerity… You have a story within you… A history… A legend…just don’t let it die away. Pen it down… Maybe in poor grammar or broken vocab. but just write it down. Draw it… Paint it over the canvas… Compose a symphony… Just don’t let your story fade away… maybe there is a person miles away , staying at an inn , smoking away the cigar with blank eyes and strain and pain stretched over his face, waiting for someone to understand his feelings. To give a name to his feelings.. Maybe that’s you.

 That’s the beauty of art. In a million there will be a person always who will close his eyes while tears seep down from the corners just because the words scribbled in a book by the writer will be just like his story.

 Write… sing… Draw… Paint

 Above all Live!

Areesh Fatmee For Beyond Sanity Publishing

  1. journalsallcrazy says:

    Very good keep up the good writing

    Liked by 1 person

  2. FiaYasmeen says:

    amazing….yeah i hv felt everything

    Liked by 1 person

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