“Dr. Anaya Ali is one of the leading and promising child psychiatrists in Pakistan. She gained her MBBS degree from the University of Stanford. During her academic career, she was a great debater and was the President of the debating society of Stanford. After completion of her studies, she came back to her homeland.  Not only, she worked hard in pursuing her profession but she is the only one in Pakistan who has stood against child sexual abuse and raised her voice against this taboo. She is also the owner of world’s largest “Aashyiana Homes”. These homes are working under the logo of ‘Save and Protect children’. She got ‘Nobel Peace Award’ on her distinguished efforts. She is also working as an Ambassador of UNICEF in Pakistan. In recognition of her outstanding and dedicated services towards the protection of children of Pakistan, the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has been pleased to confer on Mrs. Anaya Ali the President’s Award for Pride of Performance.

Am I dreaming?

 I saw a crowd of well-known and renowned people cheering and applauding for me and out of all these people, I looked straight at him. He was clapping for me. Ali, my cousin, my husband and my best friend is the only family I’m left with. He was smiling proudly at me. If he had not helped me escape through that living hell, was I able to witness my dream coming true like this? The dreams that he gave to those tear struck eyes of an 8 years old orphan and molested girl who was molested by her uncle.

Yes, twenty years ago, my parents died in a car crash and I was a sexually molested child. It aches right in my heart when media people ask me who encouraged me to raise my bold voice against child molestation.

Time is the best healer.  Bad dreams, wounds and memories became blurred slowly and gradually.  In the start, I went through a mental turmoil. My emotional and mental state became unstable. I was surrounded only by feelings of terror, lack of trust and guilt but Ali gave me hope to survive, hope to live into what my parents dreamt for me. Yes, they wanted me to become a doctor like them.  So, I worked hard day and night to pursue my dream. I became a brilliant student and debater. Ali thought debating was a good therapy for me to gain my confidence back. I earned a scholarship for an MBBS degree in Stanford University and I moved to America. I had plans in my mind to raise my voice against child molestation. If God made me the survivor, I wanted to help little angels who are not protected and safe. That’s why I thought of opting psychiatry as my major. I wanted to pursue my career as a child psychiatrist.

‘Mrs. Anaya Ali, you are requested to kindly come on stage.’ The speaker announced my name again and I suddenly woke up. Oh my God, I was daydreaming. I rushed towards the stage.

There she is standing high and achieving high as always. She is looking beautiful and confident. I still can’t believe my eyes. That little scared Eenoo has turned into such a brave lady. The step that I took 20 years ago was the best decision of my life and the second best decision was marrying this exquisite woman. I had to fight with my parents to convince them for marriage, especially Dad who was accusing her of bad character. But none of them knew except me that she is as pure as snow. I was her secret keeper, best friend and mentor. I had seen her going through thick and thin. I wanted to show her innocence to the world and so I married her and later on my parents accepted our marriage. I love her.

 ‘People say behind every successful man, there is a woman but in my case there was this man who happens to be my husband.’ She was proudly talking about me.

‘Today If I’m standing here and talking like that, it’s only because of you. You taught me that each and every person has the right of freedom of speech. I dedicate this award to you Ali.’

I smiled at her.

 ‘Thank you for making me a strong woman who can now raise her voice for poor little victims. Thank you for becoming my shield. Thank you for saving a broken doll.’ Tears were rolling from her eyes.

Sumayyah Malik For Beyond Sanity Publishing

I am personally Thankful to Sumayyah for submitting this story. I am so proud of everyone in this world who suffered and grew up and stayed strong. If you or anyone you know went through this horrible experience, Please let us know. We are here to help and talk.

Love, Irum

  1. Somaya Malik says:

    Irum Thank you for providing this platform for people to express what they can’t 🙂

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  3. tauhachaudry says:

    Really touched me

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  4. Manahil Khan says:

    Keep up the good work 😉

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  5. Good Work Done (Y)

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  6. Syed Ameer Hussain says:

    Great story usually the starts of most stories are great and so is the climax but where most stories fail to deliver is the ending and you nailed it keep it up

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  7. Hasaan says:


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  8. Abdullah says:

    Good story.
    Has all the elements for being award worthy but a little more elaboration would be nice

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  9. saniya hamid says:

    Great thoughts,Great story :”)
    Very welldone 🙂

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  10. Aasiya Malik says:

    A beautiful story….it takes a lot of courage to write on such a taboo.

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