She wanted to efface out some pages out of her life so she asked for my help. I was busy in collecting and compiling my pages so I asked her to wait for a while. She kept waiting till I kept compiling them. After some time, she expressed her urge to read them. Without any second thoughts, I just let her read. During her reading, the sequence of those pages got changed. She was holding the middle page, the first page and then the last page. From the middle page, she came to know about the synopsis of real life. She came to know the real secret confined in those pages.

”The crux of our whole life lies at the centre, equidistant to the two poles of beginning and an ending.The centre is a medium which abridges the differences between these two poles without thinking about his own existence. He isn’t being selfish even for a second that he has no one to support him in his adverse hours. He has no one to stand by him to provide him shelter while bi poles have. During the wind storm, poles are able to camouflage themselves without even thinking about the state of centre. It is because they know how worthy a centre is. They are envious of centre but centre thinks it is their ego which prevent them taking care of him. The centre is devoid of every worldly joy like our life. The centre magnifies real plot of our life that it teaches sacrificing instead of materialism. Our good and bad times are like those poles which only preach us selfishness and insanity.”

She got her answers and I could see the joy in her eyes and immense delight on her cheeks which were glowing.

Fizza Abbas For Beyond Sanity Publishing


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