Review of Rhythmythical By E.M. Biddulph

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Blog Posts, Reviews
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“Let me drown you to be free.”


Every bit of it was like diving through art and honestly, I wish more people would write like this.
The way the writer has portrayed love and hope over the stories in the sky, I am in utter awe.
I read this book 3 times to be honest.
The first time I read it, I wanted to read it.
The second time was me understanding the tales of Olympus while each and every character had multiple feelings.
The final time, was me having utter pleasure in reading beautiful poetry.
Best Lines from one of the works I loved are:

“My predictable Tuesday, each one the same.
I no longer need to ask for my ticket, he knows
me by face and prints without asking. I smile
politely, and ponder for a moment a world where
all transactions are this easy, efficient, unspoken.”

What I loved in the last few poems, was the connection between words and Nature.

“A line of little mushrooms,
under shadowed trees they played,
as the fairies sang their songs
and the fallen acorns strayed.”

And the lines that center the whole poem.

“Unlikely heroes triumph after all.
I must confess I shed a little smile.”

Well done!

Loved this book.
5 Stars
Happy Reading!

Review For E.M. Biddulph From Beyond Sanity Publishing


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