“Me through me”

From lies to denial
To touch and feel
Myself that you steal
A bit of myself
You wrecked me

This is where it starts and then move through my heart with every turned page. .
The brainiest poets of English could somehow simplify their words and still make us go deep in our thoughts. Majority poets aim to achieve this task. Irum Zahra’s ambition in “Psychaotic” is incredible, but so is the fact that she delivered right on the spot.
“Psychaotic” is a collection of human feelings engulfed in poetic expressions. Each and every poem is relatable, disclosing a different shade of expression. While some of the poems remind me of my wounds, rejection others remind me of times when I was high on clouds of happiness. It explicates the journey from stampede and collapse to recognition leading to the ultimate peace of heart.
Tides of sanity, Spindles and Dream catchers felt like written for me.

Though Irum feels “More is always less”, I think less is more to applaud her efforts.


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