Review Of Psychaotic By Mehreen Malik

Posted: July 2, 2015 in Blog Posts, Psychaotic, Reviews
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Psychaotic – a beautiful book that is not only a simple poetry book but it is a blend of a simultaneous heaviness and emptiness one feels in a certain phase of life.A phase that converts a person from very normal to more normal fighting the inner battles and standing tall in their love broken heart,living a hurricane of unexpressed emotions,becoming a tornado of highs and lows of physical existence and sentiments that is not accepted by the world because they label it as mentally unstable and psycho but those with fragile sensitivities see the psyche of being chaotic and they appreciate the survival of that more normal and this is all Irum Zahra has bled.She has shown the soul of being chaotic and how white turns to red and black with a lot of patience having a storm of impatience within..:’)

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