Her body trembled with the cold she felt,
Trying to get away from his grip,
She tripped and fell,blood started to drip,
From her lips,down her neck,
And she listened to her heart break,
People saw her with pity,but no one  helped,
She remembered the old times as she yelped,
She was in her bed again,reading those fairy tales,
Where the prince was  a nice guy in white, and she in a veil,
She opened at her eyes and looked at the devil,
Who was beating her to to death and just for fun
She wished she had realized earlier,
That what it seems,is not what it always is,
That this man didn’t love her,
And never will. She was a piece of meat for him to use
Her heart broke with that realization,
She took her last breath,searching for an idealization.

Rizwana Adhi For Beyond Sanity Publishing

Art By Cidrah Usmani


Art By Cidrah Usmani


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