We rode through the night bedecked by bliss of Boulevard and his mighty friend that’s attached to it immensely; The Dal Lake. She leaned on my back, clutching my torso, totally against the customs. We were the two outcasts, so magnetism bound us together; opposites attract. I set my bike parallel to the asphalt & the quiet one was unraveling her mind & my patience. I though have grown accustomed to the contemporary & have been known to accept it but she was a hard nut to crack. Anyhow, the bike was prompting, with all my frequent involuntary & reflexive breaking. She knew my ways & I knew her. She’d be quiet outside but inside “It is the clamors of sea, and rattling thunders.” as I recall her saying this to me once. She said if I was not strong enough to thrive into that storm, I better by a Nautilus. Now that I’m, she wasn’t ready to come but then she couldn’t resist my absence, so she gave in. To be honest, that rarely happens, I was just cherishing it altogether. I drove until the lights were more like phosphates & people were an unreal fantasy which potentially had not to exist there, it was my night out. At length, I found a platform etched above the lake. I found repose & that was my only appetite. I parked the vehicle and let the headlight open that’d reach across through us. I held her hand & walked to the ramp. She drew me close & put her arm through mine. “Step along my sun.” I said, metamorphosing her. My excitement was too much to explain, If I was burst that moment I’d be a rival of Big Bang. We sat down, crossing our legs. The water stood still & the eventual gusts would make us chilly, we embraced each other, as though world was conspiring. We looked into each other, smiling. Good heavens! I smiled like a clown. “So, why are we here? Night is my thing though, thank you.” she said gazing into the stars, wondering. “Farnoosh. You know it all too well, I’ve expressed my sublime love to you a thousand times over & you’ve been setting me up by staring & would nod away. You never say anything back, all you do is stare into my pupils. Four years back we met, two years back I was madly in love with you, in fact am. You’ve been through so much, we both have actually but we need to move up against the time & tide. Today you’ve to speak for me, for us, for our parents that are no more but would have wanted same for our sake.” I broke the silence of her clamors, her eyes were moist. I just stepped on a time bomb and this night was about to screw my future rationally. “Ishan, I’m not what I was two years back, after whatever happened I still have not been able to forget their passage. That wasn’t supposed to happen, that wasn’t…” she broke into tears & I couldn’t help mine from flowing, we just collapsed our shared strength to our stark past which was & remains to be drought & famine only. She stood up & climbed aboard & didn’t say anything. It was evident what she wanted; time. I had no time alas. I dived into the lake, not knowing if it was shallow. I heard her utter a cry, I heard faint protesting. I didn’t know how to swim. I managed to surface, from blurs to sharp edges, from cries to clear sentences. “Hush! I want to keep it real fast, it’s freezing. Two questions: Do you love me?” I asked, catching my breath. I could hardly breathe, the water was starting to numb me. “Yes you dumb-headed fool! I Do, come on it’s not heroic!” she said sobbing and laughing simultaneously. “Would you marry me for all the right reasons?” I asked almost drowning. “Okay yes, now come on up, please.” She was getting serious, it was the right time to strike again. “I don’t know what okay yes is, say yes I’d marry you!” I pressed. “Yes I’ll marry you, damn I’ll. Now let me help you up.” I reached for her hand & climbed up. Not letting her talk I jammed her lips upfront before I be a victim of her tantrums, anyhow perhaps the storm was placid. It breached through our eyes.

Ubair Fayaz Fazili for Beyond Sanity Publishing


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