14rth Of 6Th Hour-Travelling In a Paradox

Posted: June 18, 2015 in Blog Posts
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A 30 days summer’s life,

With 12 hours each

And of those chosen was 14th of six hour,

Just before my half,

Unexpected and unwanted

With the first,second,third and fourth days innocence and purity,

Giggles,laughters and dreams in eyes

A step was takenAnd then the journey began,

With earth of brightness,and sky of promises,

And the time passed,

But the things changed

Cracks in brightening earth,

And thunderstorms in sky of promises,

Unveiled and realized

Passed and accepted,

That life is not always peachy,

And FRIDAYS are not always having lullabies,

Years have been spent and happy for that,

But some journeys keep on going

With the hope of snowfall on summer days

Breaking the coldness that summer gave to ones heart

Still with dreams but now followed by shadows,

And eyes with glares of aches and still hopes,

Now the remaining are 14 days left of my life,

with the fifteenth,sixteenth days love and wait

False truths and true lies,

miseries and cries,

Highs and lows,

Realities and lessons

Falling apart to standing high

sensitivities to insanities

Feeling to much to feeling nothing

From flying in skies to the graveyard of hearts,

From being quiet to being silent,

From enduring to writing,

From living the life to living the existence,

Those 14 were on me

But these 14 are having you,

rooted with first,second,third,fourth days

And With the fifteenth and sixteenth too,

A little too much than my half,

Just before my half,

You see,

You in me a much more than my half !!

Mehreen Malik For Beyond Sanity Publishing


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