Jey rated it 5 of 5 stars

I try to keep a safe distance from books to have an objective outlook, but with Psychaotic: See The World In Red And Black, it seemed impossible. These verses speak to you and for you. Every word, feeling and image sketches the chaos and the storms unfolding inside of minds and souls. It’s simply-worded, somberly expressed and profoundly articulate.



…Life is too intricate for me
And it is confusing
Like a million questions
Asked at the same time
When I open a knot
It ties itself again…

A little too much

…Maybe I thought about you
Just a little too much
I had so many issues
But so did you.
I was egoistic
And so were you.
I was stubborn
Just as you…

Thank you Irum Zahra for the book and for giving Pakistan and the world this precious gem.

Goodreads Review for Psychaotic
  1. mamoonraza says:

    Such an awesome review.

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