*Psychaotic* is my debut Poetry Book.
It is the first of its kind here in Pakistan. I am Pakistan’s first free verse Gothic Poet to be published Internationally.
*Psychaotic* is a word play of two words and two feeling. Psycho and Chaotic.
I believe that everyone has these sides and they choose whether or not to open or disclose that side with people or not.
Psychaotic reads you while you are reading it and it connects the inner most desires and feelings with the flow of words. I wanted to write all these thoughts on paper because I wanted to connect the reader to the people like him or her. There are so many people in this world who feel like the have lost everything and they cannot go on without someone but this, this book, it tells them that there is life after that. That they are not alone in that hurt and agony. I know and I understand what you are going through. This book is for the delusional, for the bipolar, for the insane and crazy people. It is for the introverts who swallow their anguish and hate and keep it locked inside their hearts. It is for the people who feel alone in a crowd of 1 million.
I am here to tell them, whatever hardships they suffered, whatever pain they felt, They are not the only ones. There are people like you. They are here to help you, to talk to you, to love you.
You are special.
Psychaotic is my mirror. You read this book, you’ll know me.
If you read this book, and you connect with even one of it’s words, do let me know.
This book is my prize. I want to reach out to everyone through this book
Remember: You’re loved.

Happy Reading!

  1. mamoonraza says:

    umm! Very touchy.

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