A Moment In Time-Perspectives

Posted: June 4, 2015 in Blog Posts
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The weather is insane, these winds tend to drift my soul away, leading me astray.

 My existence seems to fade away,

if only I could dissolve myself in what my heart feels right now; serenity.

 If I were an artist, I would envy nature for the colors it puts up on the sky,

 What surrounds me can never be described, neither in words nor in any piece of art.

I close my eyes; don’t want to think, just want to feel, my heart is silent,

my mind is lost, every gust of these wild winds bring with itself a new harmony of tranquility,

I catch my sorrows to the winds; carry them away, let me live this moment.

In my fantasies, I feel lighter, my soul seems to be in peace with my feelings , with reality.

In one moment of time, I forgot everything.  In one moment of time, I felt happiness

In one moment of time, I lived up to an eternity.

Fahad Asif For Beyond Sanity Publishing


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