Games Of Thrones Review By Asghar Abbas

Posted: June 1, 2015 in Reviews
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 Basically, no dire-wolves no dragons and not enough Jon Snow to save the show and the series in general. Plus the beleaguered North has way too much remember. This season of Song of Ice and Fire’s exploitation kinda sucked….until I saw the 8th episode of Game of Thrones season Five. Bloody seven hells, what did I just watch?

The show runners more than redeem themselves and restore the faith of all the fans; just watch the deserters (myself included) jump back on the ship that is far from sinking, it’s evident. Those who were worried that the show was losing its edge have naught to fear, with this penultimate offering sharpens the show like a whetstone sharps a blade. 

There were many who were braying about the show’s declining quality but D&D more than rekindle everyone’s interest in all things GoT. 

This episode was pure gold and I am not even talking about the satisfying meeting between everyone’s favorite two main players of this wondrous (often frustrating ) game.

No one does the chosen one and would be savior quite like Jon Snow and this season he is the only saving grace. In this episode he is just so so cool, every bit the Stark everyone thinks he is *wink wink*

Oh the stare downs, the premonitions, the not so subtle prophecies and the foreboding, God the foreboding, the delighted foreboding !

Episode 8th may have just saved the show just like Jon Snow saved the day. Well, sorts of.

The liberties taken in this are to be cherished, the departure from the books are to be celebrated if it is done right like with this episode. This is the type of deviation from the source material that I am more than okay with; I fully support it in fact. For this kind of creativity of the create licence improves the overall product.

seven gods what did I just watch?

Astounding. There is hope for this show yet and fully looking forward to the show’s finale and the hooded hints of “The Mother’s Mercy.”

don’t let it be just a taunt. This time around.

Make no mistake; this episode was a penance and what an atonement this was.

Games Of Thrones Episode Review by Asghar Abbas.

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