Who am I ? 
I am a writer, a poet, a beginner, a professional.
Who am I ?
I am a word, a statement , an expression, a thought, a reality , a deception.
Who am I ?
I am a universe, a galaxy , a constellation, an infinity.
Who am I ?
i am a privilege, an opportunity, a reason , an answer, a question, an exclamation.
Who am I ?
I am chaos, I am phlegm. I am a topic. I am a discussion..
I am the story never read. I am the tale never told. I am the history never dug out.
I am the saga never studied. I am the start never made. I am the ending never reached.
I am the truth not spoken. I am the lie yearning to be told. I am the illusion
ready to be broken. I am the reality never so bitter. i am the beats that’s have been
skipped. I am the breaths still on the lips. I am the tears swallowed in. I am the
whines whispered out. I am the pain never felt. I am the ecstasy never reached.
I am the height never climbed. i am the depth never dug out. I am the wandering soul
in the known meadows. I am the treasured path yet undiscovered. I am the wings that fly
in the east winds. I am the fins that swim in the Atlantis. I am the best in the worst.
I am the grotty among the noble. I am the calm in the chaos. I am a ranting so severe.
I am the melody not loved. I am the poem never recited. I am the
jewel never worn.I am the stone never polished. I am the darkness in the light. I am
the moon behind the sun. I am the stars under the clouds. I am the heart ripped out.
I am the body lashed upon. I am the soul bound beneath the loops. I am the mind
so cunning. I have a thought so pious. I am a beauty not seen. I am the ink never
used. I am the letter never posted. I am the song never played. I am the chemical
not so violent. I am the discovery so hushing. I am theory never rejected. I am the
law never stated. I am the yearn. I am the to do. I am the smile. I am the pain.
I am the speed. I am the limit. I am the excellence. I am the failure. I am the
leaf walked over. I am the clear pearl among the seeps. I am the hate for million.
I am the love of few. I am the ranting. I am the prediction dreaded.  I am the
prophecy never listened. I am the volcano never erupted. I am fire so cold. I am the
fog so clear. I am the rain so blur. I am the never ending agony . I am the last shot
of tranquilizer. I am the frown. I am the lump of tears. I am a dream just a dream.
I am the soul kissed by the dementors. I am the fiction so real. I am the reality so deceptive.
Who am I?
I am now. or maybe I am never.
Areesh Fatmee For Beyond Sanity Publishing
  1. mamoonraza says:

    Breath to melody , moon to chemical.. Loved the way things are arranged. Seems like a kid going over all the things he knew to get to know him 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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