Sleep Talking With Conscious

Posted: June 1, 2015 in Blog Posts
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And after being done with all her work,she laid down on her comfortable bed at 12 a.m..slid the cushion towards herself that was on the side of the bed,held it tightly and at once changed her side, shut her eyes and asked herself to sleep..Sleep??Does she really sleep?No! she doesn’t sleep now..on the name of sleep,she just leaps down her memories,her fears,her questions,lies,truths,realities and fantasies..after a few minutes of closing of eyes her leg starts vibrating with the feeling of distress,her breaths starts getting pained,heart starts getting low in beats,throats starts getting chocked,she sighs highly and something from corners of eyes flows down to her pillow..she opens her eyes,burning with tears,red veins on white eyeballs shows the intensity of pain..her lips are silent and the mind is violent..she weeps by putting her hand on her mouth,the eyes rains heavily..she again changes her position,laying straight,staring at the ceiling,she thinks of that how her life is intermingled between false truths and true lies,those highs and these sighs like the cris-cross design of the ceiling under which she is lying..her tear drops,lips dries and she coughs..getting up she approaches the door to have water..bared feet,heavy headed she goes to the kitchen,takes water and comes back..lost in her thoughts she stroked the bed corner hard and broke her feet thumb started bleeding,she was sitting on the floor seeing her she looked up,he was sitting there holding her feet..scolding her for being the blood from the nail,he caressed her..asked her why the water was not in the room and why she was still not asleep..she was just looking him with astonish eyes..her eyes were shining with the stars of love and the tears of shattered pains..the three three tears came down the cheeks..her face was wet..he wiped her tears and called her name..she leaned her hand to him and he held her in his hands like grain..after standing,she was alone..there was nobody with that tone..her head pounded hard,she sat with a thud on the floor..eyes burnt,and lips brokenly smiled,she bowed her head and then cried,like somebody has a one year old child she wept,who knows when she slept..

Mehreen Malik for Beyond Sanity Publishing

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