The very first thing I loved about this book was it’s name, Psychaotic, I love the idea behind it.
Psychaotic revolves around the feelings of an ordinary heartbroken person who struggles to survive in this world. What I like about this dark dark book is that it not only talks about the suicidal (and homicidal) urge of a rejected soul but it also mentions hope after hopelessness. The poems ‘Impossible him‘, ‘Tumbling’, ‘Tides of sanity’ (and many more from this book) make the reader feel that the author knows all the secrets of his/her heart. My personal favorite poem ‘Defend your wrongs’ encourages the reader to be original and experience everything by himself. After reading this poem I was like, “Oh somebody finally put that in words!”
‘Beautiful‘ would be the word I would say if somebody asked me to describe this book in one word. I am desperately waiting for Irum Zahra’s next book. I wish her all the love and happiness in this world. God bless you!
Aimen Imtiaz for Psychaotic
  1. mamoonraza says:

    Coool. Wesy ye hatoon kon? :p profile link de dijiye post ma hi it would be better πŸ™‚

    And I need a copy of your book. Available in Sialkot somewhere? Or I can order online?

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