• Omer, Introduce yourself to the people who don’t?

I’m an Islamabad based Photographer and I used to do corporate events and weddings. Later on, I jumped into Fashion Photography. I own a Production house called Roadcrew media; along my partner Fahim Farid.

  • When did you know you can capture life and moments into cameras?

Life teaches you things in its own ways. Back in 2009, I was going through worst phases of my life; I wouldn’t speak to anyone. So, I bought myself a DSLR camera and started clicking. I had a passion of collecting pictures of sceneries, cars, bikes, celebrities, sports and all, since my teenage years. Therefore, the depression phase gave me a chance to get into the art of taking pictures. I started off with it as a hobby. A Year later, I was earning from it.

  • What is the earliest photo you took?

From the DSLR, it was picture of my son who was 3 years old then.

  • Are you proud of what you do?

Alhamdulillah, I’m proud of what I am today. God has been very kind to me with all the respect I have gained through my photography!

  • What are the problems faced by Photographers in Pakistan?

Photographers are not well paid in Pakistan. In addition to that, People still don’t give respect to photographers. That needs to change if we want our industry to grow.

  • How do you manage business with life?

It’s getting quite tough for me now, as I am managing 4 different businesses now. I hardly give time to family and friends!

  • Why is photography common in Pakistan?

I think, 10 years back, the media was not very open to the public. Plus, the DSLR cameras weren’t in budget. Now you can buy a DSLR in range of Rs. 50,000/- . Last but not the least, the glamour is attracting the young generation, so they commence photography without knowing the basics of it.

  • How do you explain the relation between lens and Life?

Lens is a best object to capture moments in life; Good or bad, Decent and Indecent, pure and impure, Right or wrong.….  Every image depicts a story of life and Lens save that moment in time when these things interact.

  • What is the most memorable event you covered?

In 2013, I was called by a Lahore based fashion show organizer company. They hired my services for a fashion tour in different states of USA. It went for 3 weeks. It was one of most memorable trips and events I covered that gave me a boost into fashion Industry.

  • What are of art do you want to discover in your future projects?

I’m learning more of light techniques in outdoor shoots; as that is the current trend nowadays.

  • What projects are you working on?

I’m more into fashion industry, hence taking on more of fashion shoots and Bridal shoots along with other creative works like covering art galleries, Literature exhibitions and such.

  • How is PR related to your goodwill?

PR is everything in this society now. You get more projects if you have better PR than others.

  • The most embarrassing moment of your photography career?

A few months back, I covered a wedding event. I was hired by the bride herself. Her parents had the old thought of pictography. They wanted the group pictures and all people staring in the camera, while being clicked. Whereas, I’m known as the photographer who clicks the best candid pictures and well, they became quite harsh with me, and told me that I don’t even know how to take pictures. Their daughter came to my rescue later. It was funny too!

  • Do you think painting pictures and Taking pictures are two arts of the same purpose?

Yes, I believe these are two different types of art. A painter visualizes scenery or feelings in human and depicts it into his own thoughts and paints it. Whereas, a photographer clicks what he sees through his lens.

  • Who is your international Photography crush?

Oh that is a long list. There are so many talented people in the world. Osman Ghani, Said Muhammad & Pravin Talan would make the top of the list.

  • If there was/is/will an event you would want to cover somehow, what would it be?

I want to cover the next Moon Landing! It would be such a spectacular moment for life and this world. I want to capture it’s beauty and anticipation.

  • Every photographer wants this one portrait shoot, of his/her way and heart. If you were to choose, who will you capture through your camera?

Well, there are so many. But If I had to choose, I would want to shoot Amitabh Bachan, Imran Khan and Salma Hayek . All three are the world’s most sought after public figures. Plus, they have done so much to influence the world. It would be an honor to see them and capture them in the lens.

  • What is your message to the world?

Live and let others live”… Criticizing others on their work is very easy. Learn to appreciate others.

Thank you Omer, It was amazing talking to you. Here is his Official Facebook account:


Here is a short Gallery of Images he has captured. They are my personal Favorites. And the fun part is, they are in the most random order so you can see the variation and expertise. Enjoy!


The Amazing Hamza Ali Abbasi, A persnal Friend of Omer Khalid.


Shoes to make the day!


The beautiful Nadia Hussain


The Legend in Pakistan-Imran Khan




Does reminds me of Madagascar!


And The Jungle book!


Sports and Fun!


Colors of Pakistan


Islamabad Fashion Week




Too much amazingness in one Photo!


Portraits-Hamza Ali Abbasi




Bring forth the Revolution!

I'm Happy When You're Happy

I’m Happy When You’re Happy

Omer Khalid Anwar for Beyond Sanity Publishing


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