“I’ve learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you’ll miss them when they’re gone from your life.” Maya Anglou.

I began writing this article at 12 a.m. I didn’t know how I felt about writing children abandoning their parents into this cruel world. It is sickening, yes. But it happens. When parents get old, they get cranky and they need things and they want your time and I understand that most of us feel annoyed all the time. After all, we have our social lives, our social status, our work and our free time. We love our parents no matter what.

Why Old homes then?

Why were they made if we love our parents so much?

I always wondered about these things and to be honest I never really spent more than an hour thinking about it until I met Samana. She is running an NGO without all the fancy cars and fancy events and charity concerts by the name of Josh.e.Junoon. She told me that she visited an Old home, MGQ Memorial Trust located on Murree Road, Rawalpindi. She sent some photos of the visit too.

I was stunned. To be honest. A place like that exists here? In Pakistan?

I thought EAST and PAKISTAN had that traditional love your parents and eat and sit with them and consult with them in every life decision aura.

Was I wrong?

I took more details from her. Her whole team went to that average old age home for a day and met with 24 elderly people. They were all so happy to see this much gathering, I felt as if they thought they were celebrating Eid with their families!

Hugs and love all around. They didn’t even know them! But they loved them anyways.

Why? Because parents are selfless. They love all our flaws and all our wrong doings. In Pakistan, to be very blunt, our whole family system works and stands on the support of parents and their parents and our close relatives, like uncles and aunts. And this system, was working perfectly, till we, our generation started to build their lives outside our homes.

We started ignoring them, took decisions without asking them and snapping at them when they stopped us from doing something.

The pain, I saw, in the pictures… I feel as if we would all end up like that.

Alone and waiting for our children to come and laugh and play with us.

Team Josh.e.Junoon took an extended tour to know about all things in the old home. There were few blankets, no coolers for the in the summers and God did they miss home cooked food.!

They are all going there on 31st with coolers, blankets and home cooked food. Along with the most important thing: LOVE.

They are all waiting for their sons and daughters (Now very elite and socially high standard) to come and spend time with them. I wonder where they are. No, actually, I am thinking about Karma. If we are doing this to our parents, won’t our children do the same to us?

I can’t imagine living alone and unloved. Do you?

I am ashamed. As a Pakistani. And As a Muslim.

An Islamic state is supposed to have Islamic morals. Islamic rules.

Where our parents should come before anything else, and we listened and obeyed them for all the right reasons.

We need to love our parents. While we still have them. If we still feel untouched, I suggest we should look at the wrinkled cheeks and hands of these old home inhabitants.

Al they need is love and care. Nothing else. We need to be more patient with them. They are our ticket to heaven right? Then why not love them out of greed?

I salute Samana and her team Joshe.Junoon for stepping up and bringing love and attention to those, who are put aside by our own Islamic, Pakistani Nation.

For the love of God. Don’t lose your only way out of harm. They brought you here in this world and their prayers made you a socially acceptable person.

If anyone wants to contribute to the cause Samana and her team from Josh.e.Junoon has started, Please contact the Facebook page of Josh.e.Junoon.


 Article By Irum Zahra For Beyond Sanity Publishing and Josh.e.Junoon

Here are a few pictures from the visit:

 10672205_1573848812879349_5764361139660423900_n 10978534_1573848509546046_7575178708157582926_n 10985247_1573848322879398_5238905661606332963_n 11255501_1573847699546127_8081496223331124866_n 11265252_1573848229546074_4267486628043245091_n

  1. mamoonraza says:

    Initially I thought that the target audience of this article is west but very sad to read that things like this exist in Pakistan. I feel pity for those who did this to their parents. Pata nai kesy dil hain logo k.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Shaista Ali says:

    I am speechless after reading today’s Express Tribune report. My sister and I have literally no words. We looked after our dad co-dependently for 15 years and since he became bedridden since 2010 did absolutely everything for him and from it blossomed a kind of love and closeness we cannot possibly describe. We lost our beloved father on 21 February 2015, a day we never ever expected would come and we are emotionally fractured by his loss. I can’t believe this described situation of abandoned parents exists in quarters of Pakistan. We live in Sydney. Please email me and my sister as to how we can help.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Irum Zahra says:

      Hey Shaista, I am so proud of Pakistani’s living abroad and helping people here. I’m really sorry to hear about your father. I too, grew up without a father. I know how that feels.
      This is my email: irumzahraofficial@gmail.com
      please email here, or send me yours so I can send you a brief detail on the helping old homes project.

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  3. satyanand says:

    Its soo sad that such type of things happen in this world,but a huge clap for that pakistani’s

    Liked by 2 people

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