Attachment is neither a need nor a deed.It is a feeling-a feeling that can make you so strong and alot weak at the same time.Attachment is not about possession,its an obsession of reflection ,within your heart that remains forever  than you possess it or not.People get attach to persons,things,places,moments and feelings.Some people who get attached to other persons and things and cannot even spend a hour without them and feel so lonely when they are not around or get frustrated, But their is also another kind that gets attached to the feelings and moments.Then they don’t look for the person to be around or the thing to be in their hold,they only get a strange peace by a very slight thought of that moment,the belonging in that very second.And when this attachment is attached to the feelings,then it is what we call to be ”CONNECTED”.You are sitting very next to the person or you cannot even see them for your whole life,when you are attached to the feelings than all actions and reactions,voice tones and life zones,worries and happiness,fears and tears,might and fights,all flow to the other heart invisibly and makes that heart to beat with the same intensity and that is reflected in eyes.These attachments remain all the life with you and worst are the people who get attached to the feelings because this is what you are going through every moment !

Mehreen Malik for Beyond Sanity Publishing

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  2. Tooba Kanwal says:

    Mehreen chaa gai :*

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  3. mamoonraza says:

    Aur ma sochta tha k aisi thinking bs meri hy.. 100% agree.

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  4. mamoonraza says:

    Kia ye sab normal hy? I mean to think and behave the same way as mentioned ya phir psycho logo ki nishania hy :p

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