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Posted: May 13, 2015 in Blog Posts
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I had an interesting conversation a while back regarding love and how you shouldn’t find love, but it finds you. And that people who search for it never find it.

Is that fair? I don’t believe so. People are lonely and broken and they often lose hope of anything good to ever happen to them. The only thing they hold on to is the faith that one day they will be loved.

If you say don’t look for it, then what is the purpose of it all? Why shouldn’t we look for a reason to smile?

A reason to live

A reason to hold onto life

You are indirectly implying that stay where you are, stay sad and alone and one day love will knock on your door and you’ll be saved. No… that…almost never happens. Not everyone is that lucky. People need something to build their dreams on.

So why stop looking?

Maybe it’ll make you pathetically sad or maybe it will fill your heart with a million smiles

Both, even.

Our problem is, that we look for love in all the wrong places.

You know exactly what would happen, you know your heart will break but you love anyways

You decide to make this mistake

You don’t stop

And you fall

And when you get up, there is little hope left in your heart

But it’s there right?

All it needs is a rekindling spark.

And you know when you’ll be restless for someone to talk to you, look at you.

Tell you that you are beautiful with all your flaws.

We all have these measures in which we calculate how much a person loves us. And we all want them to love us the way we want them too. At the same time, they are also expecting us to love them the way they want to be loved.

And there you have it.

The ultimate reason of why we always break up on the common Not-being-Good-enough theory.

Why can’t we let people love us the way they want to?

Maybe we would be better that way.

Maybe we would change in a good way.

But do we want to change?

Do we want to create a separate measure of love?


We don’t.

We always cry and gossip on how we want to change and how bored we are.

But in reality we are all so comfortable in our own bubbles that we just scream change from inside. We don’t actually want to come out and transform ourselves.

The day we understand that about ourselves,

Is the day we will know that we are good enough for anyone who says they love us.

Irum Zahra, Psychaotic

  1. mamoonraza says:

    Here comes the topic of my interest.

    You need to be loved it’s in nature of human being and that’s the reason you are accompanied by your parents especially mother (the most loving person to love and to get loved from) ever since you are born. This is not the case with other creatures of this world. Humans are the weakest creatures and they need help and support to get grow up from the time they are born else they will die.

    So in this case you found your love without searching here and there 😉

    People get lonely and broken sometimes but that doesn’t mean they need to be loved 😀 They should find what is the reason behind it and try to solve it. In my case I get busy enough in work that I even don’t find to wash my face in the morning. I don’t let my MIND (Please note heart is just to pump your blood ;P) think of all the bullshit that makes me feel lonely or bored. So you are a man you should control your feelings and emotions otherwise you will be like a desperate guy who text each and every girl you find on facebook and say Please talk to me, please reply, you are dash your are dash and girls will be like getting sick seeing your messages and thinking you a a—–e. (You may have experienced the same)

    On the other hand love is the official game of Pakistan and one of those players surely going to lose at the end because it is just a play and nobody understands the actual meaning of love.

    Love is not like talking to the person all day and night, thinking of him/her and doing all those crazy things we normally do today. It’s lust not love.

    If you want to understand what is love go deeper and start from the time when you were born. you will find a lot of roles then (Allah – parents – family – school – teachers – friends – soul mate – children and so on ) brainstorm it and see why they always perform their roles 🙂

    Hope it all will make sense 🙂

    Thanks for reading all the way down here, this is also love. Love to explore, love to learn. 🙂

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  2. mamoonraza says:

    It’s my pleasure. I never commented or followed such sort of blogs before but the topics you chose attracts me idk why. So i can’t resist commenting and showing what i actually think. I feel better though. Best of luck.

    Liked by 1 person

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