Sorrows in Solitude-

Posted: May 6, 2015 in Blog Posts
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  • I’m bleak and desolate, I’m lost within the confines of my own mind, and only words can set me free. My own mind, is my biggest foe And to it I’m a feeble slave.

    I do not write by choice nor do I do it to impress anyone, I write because its something that sets me free and mostly because its a vent to the madness that dwells within my mind. My words are nothing but rants of a lunatic. So forgive me if they struck any raw strings within your hearts, for I intend not to bring about any storms within you that you have put to sleep after endless endeavours.

    Do not tell me that I write like magic because I am no nymph, for my words flow on paper like a violent storm that destroys the canvas, I am not worthy of such praise. I am just a sordid reflection of my own insanity, I breathe in life and breathe out a poem and I owe it to this insane lunatic that dwells within me, that has taught me what not even the biggest mentors could have taught me; the art of being me, without fearing what people would think.


    Hadia Rahman for Beyond Sanity Publishing

  1. Himali Shah says:

    Wonderful.. This is so touching !!

    Liked by 1 person

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