Interpreting Wrongdoers-Parts unknown

Posted: April 27, 2015 in Blog Posts
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The Cartography of mourning cadre held candidly to scrutinize the amount of fleshy bones left .. I wonder if they accentuated the fear of being Normal out there.. The Poverty of souls are post defined and so the bygones,leaving qualms to cajoler ensuring the endures through very of their quiet resentment metaphors presenting us the most noble way of threatening ourselves with so called humor and callow weave. I complained the harassment of unusual truths roaming the earth,So now am accompanied by the Most quaint creature termed humans and followers by all Means offered bagatelle to steer the morals which bought them a ballot able suicide candor,I wish if I Could bless them a Balm suffocation of the sacred calumny to prove that they actually “Never Existed Ever”!!

I have faith in the silence .. !! I know what’s not Coming !! But I won’t steal the Hope !! I would rather offer them a barbaric truth for price .. And They Won’t be able to Choose the breaths for themselves !!

The interpreting wrongdoers-Zain Khan for Beyond Sanity Publishing


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