Beauty- An Illusion

Posted: April 24, 2015 in Blog Posts
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“Master tell of the illusions that exist”, asked a follower. Answered the master, “Beauty” The biggest of the illusions is what we call beauty; apparent and artificial. I will tell you what an illusion is; something you won’t understand, and yet you think you do. Ever seen a woman wearing precious jewels, ever seen the fancy clothes she covers herself with? There you are, deceived by the illusion that she created, you don’t happen to know her yet she seems beautiful to you, because this is your perception of beauty. You run after the illusion, you impure your heart for things that doesn’t happen to be real and yet you think you are the master. You follow the path that will lead you to nowhere and yet you follow it. No My dear, it’s not the beauty that I am against, it’s not the jewels or the clothes that worries me, my concern is what exists inside, who are you beneath this stealth that you wear at all times. Ask me if you may? People are so afraid to show themselves that they hide themselves underneath, the truth that defines them is hidden deep inside and you cannot see it because you are not God. Here is what I want you to know, “Beauty is an illusion, do not run after it or the ones who run after it, you will be strayed.”

Credits: Fahad Asif for Beyond Sanity Publishing

Graphics by Adnan Ali 



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