My Dear Ariel


I was there when you were born

Red and little, so fragile

So beautiful

You were my angel

And my companion

My pillar of hope

And all that I wanted

I taught you how to ride a bicycle

And fell and broke your arm

I was sorry but you got better

And I knew no one can do you harm

One day our toys broke

And all our story books got soaked in the rain

We went to live under the sun

With glass walls around us

There were people who wanted to hurt you

And I kept all of them away

We prayed for a roof of our own

And God showed us a new way

I bought colors and pages for you

And you drew us and a cozy weather

You built new toys and I watched you play

Our walls started to grow weak

And we had to leave again

We had grown past the plants

And the kittens born in our yard

They were no longer little

They had lives of their own

I taught you how to smile

When you felt like hell inside

We made golden masks

With smiles fixed on them

We fooled everyone

Our friends and our foes

We sold all our toys

And started having fun

Day by day we lost

Every little part of us

And the masks became us

We stayed by each other

And you taught me how to stay me

I broke my walls like you broke your arm

I fixed myself too, but I was never that strong

Hush, dear rabbit

We’ll be okay

When the world crashes

And the glass walls shatter

We would still have each other

Arm in arm and it would be better

We’ll buy new toys for us

And we can’t afford them,

We’ll learn how to make them by ourselves

We’ll cry every night to sleep

And drink coffee everyday

You’ll be stronger than me

And I’ll lean on you then

When I’ll lose myself

You can pull me from the river

We’ll stay up all night

And pray to the All Giver

I’ll always love you

As you will love me

We’ll cry together just as we laugh together

We won’t let the stones shatter our glass house

Even if they do

My dear Ariel

I’ll let no stone touch you.

Hush, dear flower

You’re my only hope in this world.

May you always find love,

In places I didn’t

And may you get all your toys back

Along with your childhood

Copyright 2015


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