Review By Mehreen Ahmed

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Reviews
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These enchanting collection of poems, titled Psychaotic by Irum Zahra, are like thousands of burning stars, glimmering through many distant portholes in its bleakest hour just before dawn. Each poem deals with some kind of an inner conflict of reality and illusion pertaining to our state of existence such as love,betrayal, insomnia, misery, solitude seen through the multicolored mirror of confusion, without losing clarity and focus at the same time. The poetess Irum Zahra, in her poems tries to awaken us to the thought that life can be subjected to unique interpretations, Misery loves my company, written in the rhythm of paradox, in which darkness sheds light, blindness gives vision and thoughts express speech, is an example of her mastery of skillful poetic device, through which she apprehends a reality of the mind, untainted by hypocrisy. For, that is the truthful representation of the soul.

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