Corridors Of My Mind

Posted: February 9, 2015 in Blog Posts
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Corridors of My Mind


Angel M.B Chadwick

*Five out of Five Stars*

I’ll start off with thanking Angel for giving me a chance to read this outstanding book. I love poetry in all its forms and its attributes.

This book represents the stages in life you travel in order to feel better and feel reformed after hardships in your life. Angel’s poetry is clear as a summer sky and beautiful as a flower near a lake, reflecting each word over the other.

Few poems struck me like lightning with their strong word formation and connection with their message. Poems like *Pretty Girl* and *Behind the girl* made me think of myself and all other girls and women who feel as if they have been pretending for too long and how they transform themselves from a weak and dependent creatures to a strong and independent human beings.

Oh, and *Six Feet Under* put me under a spell. It is so beautiful. It is what you call *Wretched and Divine*.  Perfectly put words and places. Bravo.

Poems like *Since I’ve felt you* and *Have his way with me* were lovely. As in. wow. Loved them.

I adored how Angel  described dreams and passion alongside the restrictions and the fear we have of new things. Some of the many poems aiming the clouds were *Life after*, *White Dove*, *Fenced In Woman*.

Poems in this book have this strong aroma of Romance and Its power. Perhaps the thing that is most disturbing and pleasurable is the way she has portrayed violent and submissive love with colors that represent pure innocence coming out of its shell. Some of them are *Mark of the dark*, *Strong Whiskey*, and *Untamed Melodies*.

*Letter to an unknown  Soldier* was outstanding. I want to write something like this. It came straight from the heart and you can’t fake this beauty and heartwarming letter.

*All hands on deck* was such a delightful treat between all poems.

I loved this whole book and trust me when I say, If this book was of Gold, it’ll deserve it.

Well done Angel. Congratulations!

Happy Reading!

See the Book here:


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